By: Jonathan M. Lamb. Jonathan M. Lamb is an Economist, Consultant, and Entrepreneur that resides in the Research Triangle of North Carolina.


Is it better to be lucky than good? Either way failure is part of the learning process. We need to live in a culture where people are not afraid to fail. Failures however should not be confused with mistakes. Mistakes do not produce new or useful information, and repeating prior failures is a mistake. It is OK to make mistakes, and it is OK to fail, as long as you can move forward and learn.

The Super Bowl is a prime example, the Patriots did not win the Super Bowl, they simply did not lose. The Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, they failed to score on the final play and win. The same is true in life and business. Just because you “won” does not make you the winner. It is not the victory, but how you get there, and part of that is how you fail.

If you are at a place in your life or career where instead of trying to win the better choice is to avoid failure then you are not in a good place. You cannot truly win unless you go for it. Who is the failure the CEO that does nothing and grows earnings 4% or the CEO that falls short of his 10% growth goal and grows the company at 2%? What CEO would you want to work for? How do you want to live your life?

Stop covering your ass, don’t play the game not to lose, but ply it to run your company, live your life, and do your job to win. If you play to win, you will never lose.