By Jonathan Lamb 12-3-14

It is all over the headlines, oil is in a free fall. I admit I took it for a ride and was on the wrong side the last few weeks. Long term we are in a good price range, oil should be a $70ish commodity, however we will see oil over $100 and below $50 again, but as the last few weeks has shown my crystal ball is broken so your guess is as good as mine to when these will happen, but it will. Low oil prices are good for us real people that pump our own gas, it is like getting a raise, and for those at the lower wage level this is a huge help and will spur low end spending. Be warned there are lots of bear signs out there, but enjoy the bull for now, and don’t forget that the world has changed and what used to be country or area specific problems become the worlds and thus the United States problems.