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Funding Your Business

(financial advisory, capital placement, asset management and private equity)

Finding the right small business loan can be a difficult, yet extremely important, process. Lack of capital is the #1 reason businesses fail. We want to help you safely navigate through the complicated and sometimes perilous capital markets to get the funds you need to properly nurture what you’re working so hard to grow. We specialize in small business loans through the SBA (Small Business Administration including SBA 7 loans and SBA 504 loans.

Lamb Investments and Strategic Solutions works closely with clients to manage, acquire, develop, and reposition businesses and commercial real estate. While we have access to thousands of lending institutions we work closely and have strategic partnerships with about 45 lenders to secure capital for our clients. We do not take a “shotgun” approach to lending like many “brokers.” We know the risks and underwriting guidelines of our banking partners and are able to secure capital with the best terms in the shortest time frames, we understand that time is money.

We develop, advise, and consult regarding businesses and commercial real estate. We work with the acquisition, development, running, repositioning, and lending needs of our clients. We partner with Strategic Solutions Consulting Group to structure financing that matches clients objectives with the most appropriate capital partner.

Unlocking the Funds for Commercial Real Estate Development

Lamb Investments and Strategic Solutions will work closely with you to manage, acquire, develop, and reposition your businesses and commercial real estate. While we have access to thousands of lending institutions we work closely with and have strategic partnerships with about 45 lenders.  We can help clients win SBA 504 loans, which are geared towards borrowers with tangible equity such as real estate or equipment.

We work in the following areas of acquisition:

  • Expansion
  • Refinance
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Leveraged Buy Out Agreements
  • ESOP
  • Lines of Credit
  • SBA Funding

We are expert with the following types of Loans:

  • Construction
  • Permanent
  • Bridge
  • Interim and Structured Financing

Capital Programs:

  • Asset Based
  • Conduit
  • Interest Only
  • Conventional Debt
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • SBA 504 and SBA 7A
  • Land Acquisition and Development
  • FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and USDA
  • Fixed and Adjustable Permanent Debt Placement
  • Non-Recourse Financing
  • Unsecured Funding and Factoring

Consult With Us

We can work with you concerning a broad host of business needs. Our team has years of experiences across a wide scope of business disciplines and has expertise in many facets of business, real estate, risk management, and investing. We have many published works and offer our services one on one, in workshop settings, and as key note speakers.

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When Venture Capital Brings a Gain

We help our clients navigate the Private Equity market for capital growth and restructuring opportunities. Private Equity can be the ultimate market of shark infested waters. We make sure that our clients know and understand their options. Venture Capital often is swimming with those sharks that are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” and we work to protect our clients and bring them options that work. We understand the VC market, and it is often not a fit for everyone.

In addition to Venture Capital Investors we have relationships with Angle Investors, institutional investors, endowments, foundations, financial advisors, and high-net-worth individuals. This give us a competitive advantage when raising capital. We match a client’s objectives with the most appropriate capital partner in the marketplace. We can arrange pari passu finance for troubled or bankrupt assets, preferred equity, and joint venture funding.

What Sets Us Apart

We are entrepreneurs as well as investment bankers. We understand our clients; we have started and operated businesses, we have developed commercial real estate and still actively have business and commercial real estate holdings in our personal investment portfolios. Many bankers have secured $100’s of millions of dollars in capital for their clients, however how many bankers have actually sat in the seats of their clients and know what it is to be in the their shoes, how many bankers have been through the SBA or commercial lending process with businesses and real estate that they actually own? It is this personal experience that sets us apart and makes our contribution to the process all the more valuable.

About Us

Constantly evolving and learning, Mr. Lamb has a diverse background including owning multiple businesses, extensive work in the energy industry, climbing the corporate ladder, a successful floor trader, research and publications in economics, developing commercial real estate, financing, banking and consulting. Jonathan has bachelors’ degrees, in Risk Management, and Economics from the Miller College of Business at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Mr. Lamb has extensive post graduate work and is a candidate for Masters and PhD in Economics and his MBA from North Carolina State University.

Leading by example he is not afraid to jump into a situation and roll up his sleeves to achieve results. Jonathan is a self-starter and self-motivated. He knows how to, handle stress and pressure to produce results. Professionally Mr. Lamb spent over 8 years on two different fast paced commodity trading floors, rising to a Senior Real Time trader, managing the company’s $3 billion portfolio. Jonathan has extensive knowledge of coal, natural gas, and the electric power markets, were he was one of the top traders in the Southeast trading both physical and financial electric power contracts.

As an Entrepreneur Jonathan has started, developed, and owned many different businesses, including several franchises. He has developed several commercial real estate projects, including 18 acres outside of Research Triangle Park. Prior to divesting some of his holdings he had over 60 employees and over $7.5 million of annual revenue.

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