To become an Empire you must slay an Empire. Apple’s 2014 Q4 numbers were the biggest earnings in the history of the world. Apple had many epic failures along the way to slay IBM, Microsoft, and others out of the world’s computing power positions. Years from now there will be a new powerhouse that knocks Apple off the perch. Empires rise and fall, and the only way to the top is to take some risks.

I am originally from Indiana, and I am a rabid Colts fan, which as much as I love the Colts, I despise the Patriots. Needless to say I was rooting for anyone but the Patriots in the Super Bowl, which made me a huge Seahawks fan for the big game. Say what you want about the game, and the final play call, but the Seahawks went for the win with a play call the surprised everyone. The play will cement its place in history. No one would have remembered the game 25 years from now if the Seahawks would have scored the touchdown and won the game, however 25 years from now we will be talking about the blown play.

The same is in business; everyone remembers failures but seem to forget things that go to plan. There have been many epic failures in business, both big and small. Everyone remembers the strikeout when New Coke was introduced in the 1985, but no one remembers the homerun that Coke hit a few years before with the introduction of Diet Coke. Through failure people and companies can either learn and become stronger, or never recover and fade away.

So here is to all the entrepreneurs and businesses that take risks every day and go for the win. I only wish that the Seahawks gutsy call would have defeated the Patriots and ended the Evil Empire once and for all.