New opportunities are exciting, but change is hard. As an entrepreneur change is part of life every single day. If you are an entrepreneur, or married to one, or have parents or families that are entrepreneurs, you know the roller-coaster ride that business owners live. Will that next contract come in? Do we need to hire or fire? Can we take a Disney vacation, or will we be eating mac and cheese every night for the next year?  The only certainty when it comes to be being a business owner is that there will be change.


After eight years in the childcare business we passed the torch to new owners today. We are going to miss the team we built, the kids, the parents, and all those that helped make our location so successful.  We are blessed to be a part of a business that touched the lives of so many, and it is hard to let go, but at the same time it is very exciting for things to come.


I remember the very first track team meeting that our coach called when I was a freshman in college. It was a hot August day and we were crammed on a set of bleachers at the track. The coach told us to look around, not everyone here will be here when we finish the season, and some of you will not make the journey, but know this… the best thing about being as freshman is that you will turn into a sophomore. He went on to tell us to leave our state metals and personal records from high school behind us, none of that mattered anymore. I never won any state metals, so that was easy for me, but for some he was right, it was hard to leave the past behind. Those that couldn’t make the transition washed out, but for those that embraced the future became sophomores.


Life is a journey, and we are looking forward to the next chapter as we work to focus on OptoeV, which I founded last year after a daydream. I truly believe that OptoeV will change the world as we know it. The future is what you make of it. The great thing about America is that anything can happen, but it will not happen unless you try. So get out there and take some risks to make your dreams a reality. Yesterday is gone, it is time to live today and plan for tomorrow.