Economics Is Like Sex

Shying away from open discussions about money, budgets, markets, and trade has resulted in many misconceptions. Economics is all around us, and with a little common sense understanding of economic principals, Jonathan M. Lamb changes the way people view the world. Economics is Like Sex advocates that economics isn’t a boring subject filled with charts and theories cooked up by some dead guys who lived centuries ago. Economics is about decisions.

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LambONOMICS provides full economic forecasting for small and middle market companies, and micro and macro models for national and global needs. As a subsidiary of Lamb Investments, INC, we provide our clients with a broad range of economic knowledge, and actual information that is useful and relevant to what they care about, the bottom line and how to preserve and grow it. We assess risk and provide risk management plans across a broad range of businesses.

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We can work with you concerning a broad host of business needs. Our team has years of experiences across a wide scope of business disciplines and has expertise in many facets of business, real estate, risk management, and investing. We have many published works and offer our services one on one, in workshop settings, and as key note speakers.

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Lamb for Congress

As an Economist and business owner, Jonathan can see America is on a social and economic path of destruction. America needs common-sense Hoosier values to lead America through hard choices that our leadership in Washington has been unable to provide.

“I am not a politician. I am not running to win friends and get re-elected. I am running to make a difference.”

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About Book

Economics is taboo…

…because it is not well understood

Economics is all around us…

…and with a little common sense understanding, Jonathan Lamb can change the way people view the world.

Economics is about decisions…

…decisions that relate to money, life, love, and happiness.

Economics is not boring…

…or filled with charts and theories cooked up by dead guys who lived centuries ago.

Economics can’t buy happiness…

…but Jonathan will provide some common sense understanding on the topic.

Economics CAN…

…change the way people view the world!



Jonathan M. Lamb is a Millennial Entrepreneur, Economist, Consultant, and Visionary Leader who resides in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana with his wife and two boys. A graduate of the Miller College of Business at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana, Lamb holds bachelor degrees in Economics, Risk Management, and Insurance, and was a hurdler on the BSU track team.

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